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Private Webseite betrieben von Andreas Piotraschke in Beihilfe von Henry Maik Piotraschke Private website operated by Andreas Piotraschke in aid of Henry Maik Piotraschke

Diese Webseite soll dazu beitragen, die Herkunft des Namens Piotraschke und das Wissen wer unsere Ahnen waren, für unsere Kinder zu erhalten. This website is intended to help identify the origin of the name Piotraschke and knowledge of who our ancestors were, for our children to receive We are responsible for any Information and instructions grateful to us to assist you, simply email to us. And maybe we have something for your family tree.

Origin of the Names Piotraschke (spring: Pommerscher Greif e.V.)
Piotraschke pronounced in German
Petrus: P e t e r, P e t e r s, P e t r i — (slav). P i o t t e r,
P i o t r a s c h k e – (litt.)
By the crusades of the German order of knights in the 12th and 13th century if many Lithuanians and Slaven were kidnapped by your conquerors and were enslaved and became serfs in the prussian and prommerischen areas.

Family reunion and Piotraschke FAMILIES
Weekend of May 30 - Jun 01, 2014 in BERLIN-Germany
We are planning a first family reunion with all the families


Neuigkeiten siehe Quellen sowie Familien und interessante Links unter Internet

Addresses Piotraschke from the Pomeranian's data bank

Reunion at Niagara Falls in Buffalo, NY

Soak up some Sun in Long Beach, CA at the Long Beach Reunion

Family journey Piotraschke to Leba to the Baltic Sea from the 10th to the 17th of July, 2010fingsten 2009 : Treffen der Lauenburger (Stadt  und Kreis) in GummersbachIn Amerika ist vom 24.-26.04.2009 Piotraschke Treff

Visit the Web Page from Lee Schreiber:

Where All Piotraschke's Meet

News: Andreas und Katrin aus Oschersleben fahren nach Amerika zum Piotraschke-Treffen News: Andreas and Katrin from Oschersleben were in America to the Piotraschke-meetingHier Informationen und Bilder vom letzten Treffen

Piotraschke the book

Piotraschke "The book" from Ancestry about the emigration to America, with Amazon

Auf der Ahnensuche habe ich dieses Kreuz in Hinterpommern gefunden. On the genealogy search, I have this cross in Lower Pomerania found.

Der Kopf vom Adler wurde von den russischen Soldaten abgeschossen. The head of the eagle was adopted by the Russian soldiers killed.

Fahrt nach Hinterpommern zu den Vorfahren Drive to Lower Pomerania to the ancestors
Bottle tops F. Piotraschke, found with:
Reichsadressbuch 1915 i Reichsadressbuch 1929 (R. Mosse) firma F. Piotraschke nie występuje.

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